The Benefits of Elderberry Tea

It is not every day that you find an herbal supplement in any form that is not only good for your overall health but also a joy to use. The elder bush grows dark berries surrounded by poisonous leaves and stems. Once you get rid of the leaves and stems, you are left with a berry that has a long list of beneficial features.

There are many reasons to drink elderberry tea. Once you understand exactly what it can do for you, then you will start to see why so many people all over the world find it one of the more pleasant ways to maintain good health.

Fresh Elderberries

Eases Inflammation

When you buy elderberry tea, you are getting one of the more potent anti-inflammatory treatments that nature has to offer. People suffering from sore joints will start drinking this tea three or four times a day and begin noticing positive results. It works for people suffering the aches and pains of a flu or cold as well as for people who are suffering from arthritis. If you work a physical job that tends to leave you sore, then a few cups of this tea every day will help relieve your pain. As we get older, our joints start to become more sensitive. When you drink this tea every day, you can continue to feel younger for much longer than your friends and family members.

Elderberry Tea

Heals Cold, Flu, & Bronchitis

Another reason that people buy elderberry tea is to help with the symptoms of the common cold or the flu. This tea will help to break up your fever and eliminate other flu symptoms such as the chills and a headache. It can also help clear up the congestion in your lungs that often happens during a cold. People who are suffering from bronchitis or are looking for a way to help regulate their asthma will often turn to elderberries as well.

High in Vitamins & Antioxidants

One of the most prominent vitamins to be found in elderberry tea is vitamin C. This makes this tea excellent for giving a boost to the immune system and for improving skin health as well. The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that are present in this tea make it great for preventing the oxidation of cells which can, in turn, can help prevent certain cancers.

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